Software management

Keeping track of your sprawling software install base is challenging, even for the most well-oiled organisation. Multiple vendors, different software versions and licensing schemes with various expiry dates makes for an interesting challenge to ensure the business support teams are covered for when they need to log a support call with the Vendor or upgrade to the latest version when they find a bug or patch.

To make things easy, we are using an electronic software management platform that keeps track of all the relevant information you will need to manage your software. Its designed so you can view of all the software assets, license entitlements and application usage metrics. This provides you with end to end visibility of all your software assets.

Software Compliance

In today’s world, software vendors make deploying their products as easy as possible. Anybody with the appropriate access permissions can download, install and start using it. This is great for user productivity but can make it challenging when you want to ensure your company is compliant and abiding by the terms and conditions of your software licensing agreement.

AC3 has developed a systematic engagement model to audit enterprises, detailing the software installed & in use by your company. We deploy a probe on your network that scans for installed software on your user’s computers. We then use this information to generate reports to validate your install base. This provides you with the compliance reporting required, which in turn may result in a license renewal cost reduction. You can then be confident you’re only paying for software you are using.

Software Optimisation

Do you want fries with that ? This is a common question in the software world. There is always an option to upgrade software to include additional features or products but, do you really need them or do you just want the base product to do the job? 

Using our expertise, we can help guide you through the complexity of purchasing the right product to ensure you are getting what you need and also at the best possible price. We have great working relationships with all the major software vendors and understand the nuances of working with major software vendors to ensure you are obtaining the best value for money.