Pre-Sales validation

AC3 is geared to be the customer advocate through this process by:

  • facilitating vendor product demonstrations
  • leveraging vendor configuration tools and industry subject matter experts in defining or validating solution specifications
  • developing valid custom-built Bill Of Materials
  • registering “big deals” and negotiating vendor special discount structures

Order fulfilment

Once an order has been received, AC3 can manage the fulfilment process and arrange product shipping either through distribution or directly from the vendor. AC3 will provide regular updates on delivery ETA’s for your order.

Stock control

For large volume orders of commodity stock (such as laptops) AC3 can manage buffer stock and keep you aware of stock levels. We can also work directly with vendors to manage hardware model lifecycle changes and keep you up to date.

Distribution services

As part of supply of hardware, AC3 is able to leverage complementary services, at a cost-effective fee, relating to hardware purchased through Vendor Distribution Centres. Such services include but, are not limited to:

  • Asset Tagging
  • SOE Imaging for PC’s
  • Burn-in testing for Servers
  • DOA testing and returns processing
  • Assembly services
  • Custom assembly services (such as standard monitor arms being replaced with swivel stands, etc.)


AC3 offers flexible freight options that suit the customer’s preference and fit within their project schedules. Options include;

  • Single shipment to a single location
  • Split shipment to multiple locations
  • Phased shipment, either to a single or to multiple locations
  • Standard or express shipment
  • Shipment with transit insurance