We offer compute services in a cost effective way using our Public Cloud offering called FlexiServer. FlexiServer uses shared compute, storage, networking and security resources which are logically segregated using virtualisation. 

You may consider Public Cloud for elements of your environment that host non-sensitive data in order to gain benefits of pay per use and the ability to burst at short notice.


We recognise our customers’ need to keep a close control and governance on various data sets which simply cannot be running on shared infrastructure due to highly classified content or licensing restrictions. For such scenarios, we have a number of pre-canned Virtual Private Cloud blueprints that can be easily customised or deployed as-is, ranging from totally isolated, air gapped environments with dedicated storage arrays, next-gen firewalls and core networking, to less isolated private environments built using shared networking and storage, yet dedicated compute nodes.

Have more questions? Please reach out to us for a free assessment around balancing your needs around data sensitivity and costs within your environment.

Hybrid Broker

We are very proud of our Ozone platform and believe it offers our clients a unique and competitive advantage. Ozone is our Cloud management platform that allows you to manage private, public and virtual infrastructure seamlessly from a single-pane-of-glass.

We support OpenStack, Amazon, Azure, VMware vCenter, including NSX for Software Defined Networking, Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) and all the virtual infrastructure these platforms provide. Behind the scenes, we are trying everything together using a unified network and security approach, so that you can benefit from a single virtual data centres spanning multiple providers and availability zones.

Nowadays, most of our customers are adopting a hybrid approach to Cloud, by which sensitive data is stored on their private cloud (built and managed by AC3 of course), while the rest can be offloaded to AC3’s Public Cloud ecosystem. The environments are then seamlessly integrated using Ozone.

Sounds pretty cool right? If you want to get under the bonnet and find out how, give us a call...