Harnessing the power of the edge

Posted: 21 February 2018

In today’s businesses, there is an immense pool of data available to analyse and use to make more informed business decisions. This data comes from the edge, where the Internet of Things (IoT) converge. The scale of this is so large that many organisations can feel overwhelmed. However, the benefits are immense and understanding how to utilise it can give your organisation a great advantage.

What is the edge?

Before you can harness the power of the edge, you first need to understand what it is. The intelligent edge refers to the analysis of data and development of solutions at the site where data is generated. In simpler terms, the “edge” is where the digital and physical meet, often referring to devices emitting data remotely. This could be from mobile phones, equipment on worksites or other external devices. This data becomes “intelligent” through the analysis and development of services that comes from this. 

How can you use the edge?

Data from the edge can be utilised in many functions across any industry. It can transform the way your business works, whether it be monitoring machines onsite and using this data to improve efficiency and improve your bottom line or creating community connectivity through automated transport that communicates with traffic lights. The opportunities for the application of the edge are practically limitless.

Many cities are already making use of IoT and the Intelligent Edge. One such example is councils working to make their public spaces, like parks, Wi-Fi enabled to allow complete connectivity for the community, while also feeding data back to the council. This gives the council the power to make educated decisions on citizen needs for better use of resources and to develop better services.

The edge is extending every day and it is important that businesses take advantage of the immense amount of data published by the environment around them. Companies like AC3, in partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, can help your technological capabilities match the need to track the data from the edge and leverage it to make real time decisions. 

Feeling a little confused or overwhelmed by the data surrounding you? Chat to us about how to harness the power of the edge.