Give your IT experts a break this holiday season, not your IT.

Posted: 8 November 2017
Continuity over the holiday period

5 ways your business can maintain continuity to ensure your customers’ needs are met over the holiday period.

Every year, the summer holiday period creeps up faster than most of us would like. Typically, senior staff are so consumed with project and service delivery in the latter half of the year, that little thought is given to how operations will continue as normal over the holiday period when many staff members are on leave.

However, for many businesses, demand remains consistent over the holiday period. For some, it actually increases.

At AC3, we specialise in helping businesses maintain business continuity at all times, through our contingent workforce solution.

As well as offering our consulting and technology expertise, we also offer a team of highly skilled IT professionals who are available to work on-site, as contractors, over the busy holiday period.

Increasingly, we see businesses turning to outsourced IT providers to fill temporary and short-term staffing gaps.

If key personnel are out of the business for any period, it can have a major impact on how the business meets customer SLAs, delivers projects, adheres to timeframes, maintains day-to-day operations, and even how it responds to mission critical emergency situations.

Based on AC3’s experience, here are five key steps that we believe any organisation can take to prepare for the holiday period and ensure it’s ‘business as usual’ when it comes to IT services.

1. Get prepared as early as possible

While early preparation may seem an obvious priority, it’s more common than not for organisations to leave their holiday staffing to the last minute.

According to a recent Gartner report, many businesses are largely unprepared for filling the staffing gaps that occur over key holiday periods. 1

“Clients often have weak strategies, or none at all, regarding the use of IT staff augmentation resources, and this results in sub-optimal utilisation of expensive external resources,” the report says.

Gartner also points out that one of the most challenging aspects of IT workforce planning is determining what workforce capabilities will be needed in the future, and suggests that doing so effectively requires the use of advanced strategies, such as scenario planning.2 

To avoid IT staffing gaps, it’s important for businesses to determine their requirements well in advance. Data analysis can also be used to predict future demand, and ensure clients have the appropriate combination of IT staff on-site to respond to this.

2. Fill last minute gaps

Even though it pays to be as organised as possible with regards to your IT staffing, most businesses will still encounter last-minute gaps over holiday periods.

As well as our depth of expertise, one of AC3’s key differentiators is the level of flexibility we offer. Clients can request any number of employees, and can also specify any timeframe that they require – whether it’s a one day, or several months.

Most traditional IT recruiters will only provide contractors for lengthy stints in order to be commercially viable. However, because AC3 is already a specialist IT firm with a huge pool of technical experts on-site, we can provide staff with much shorter and more flexible contracts.


3. Choose an IT-specific recruiter

When it comes to sourcing talent, you need to know that the IT experts you are employing are able to hit the ground running.

As AC3 is far more than just a recruitment firm, our people are already technically competent in a broad range of areas. We have a pool of ready-talent that ranges from help-desk support people, all the way to senior network engineers and architects.

We also have the technical expertise to ensure the people we send have the exact skills that the job requires, before they arrive on-site. Also, every contractor we send out has been thoroughly vetted by our senior management, and comes with the complete backing of AC3 and our service desk, so they’re never working in isolation.

4. Put firm controls in place

According to Gartner, many organisations don’t have the necessary controls, strategies or procedures in place to effectively utilise external staff.3

The report suggests that to minimise risk when outsourcing, it’s important to – among other things - understand the core elements of the delivery model, perform regular assessments, understand the legal implications, and structure a detailed contract.

When you choose to engage AC3, you’re choosing one of Australia’s most reputable and trusted IT firms. We can work with you to put a robust plan in place, and ensure any process or legal concerns are completely covered off, and risks are mitigated.

5. React as circumstances change

Over the holiday period, it’s likely that staffing levels will fluctuate – often at the last moment. Rather than just accepting this to be the case, be prepared to engage contractors at the last minute – to maintain all-important business continuity.

Thanks to AC3’s flexible approach and internal pool of resources, we can offer staff at all times and in all circumstances, for both public and private sector clients.

You also receive a dedicated point of contact, and we can provide a rapid response to any staffing requirements, regardless of when the request is made.

Success story: How AC3 helped Westpac fill crucial gaps in their business

“AC3 Talent Management has taken the traditional recruitment process and stripped out the inefficiencies, and delivered sustainable benefits to people leaders who are time poor. They have integrated with our internal recruitment process to make the candidate placement process faster, while taking the frustration and pains out of the end-to-end recruitment service. The professional, timely response and ease of doing business, in a complex and heavily regulated industry, echoes volumes about their service capability. Tightly coupled with their core values of being flexible, provides me with the key benefit of servicing my business in a fast paced and ever changing environment.”
Alex Tadros, Senior IT Manager, BT Financial Group

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